How to get TOP dollar when you sell your house!

Dated: April 21 2022

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In this current real estate market, we are calling it a seller’s market because there is a huge demand to buy homes and not enough inventory. Truth be told, you can list your house and most likely find a buyer very easily, but even in this market these tips are crucial to follow if you want top dollar!


When it’s a seller’s market, people can become very lazy with staging their home and putting the work into it in order to get top dollar. If that’s not a goal, no worries then, just sell it! But if you would like to sell your home and get the most buyers and competition then it’s important that you follow these items. 


  1. Deep clean! Seriously, even if people don’t notice the dust on the dust boards in your house, they actually can physically feel a difference in your home. A clean and spotless home is inspiring and very enlightening to be in. Spend a couple hundred dollars to have a professional come in and clean your house if you don’t want to have to put the work in yourself. I know you have enough tasks you’re focused on!

  2. Pack up your house! This might be one of the hardest parts for sellers, especially if you aren’t moving right away but it’s important to pack up your items, take things off the walls, and remove all of the clutter. Here’s why, when someone is walking through your home, you want them to be able to envision their items, their style, and unique decor in that space. If your stuff (even though you’re very proud of) is all over the place then it will be hard for the individuals themselves to envision their new environment. This leads right into step three.

  3. Stage the house! Now that I just told you to clean everything up, you can stage the house by leaving your personal furniture and a few items in place to make it homie or you can have a professional staging company come in and actually set everything up to look stunning. Having a home staged gives buyers the visual of where furniture can go, how the layout would feel, but the most important thing is keeping it very simple and clean. That’s why point two is so important and step three is the cherry on top! 

  4. Curb Appeal - Every step is important but think about when you drive by a house or pull up to a home. It’s the first impression! This sets the pace long before the buyers submit an offer. If they can fall in love with the exterior, you are in good shape! Here are some things you want to do for the exterior.

    1. Stand back at the street view and just take note with a critical eye of everything that might need cleaned, trimmed, staged, or repainted.

    2. Landscaping! Clean it up, make it look sharp, green, mowed, and fresh!

    3. The siding - does it need power washed? Are there any damages that need repaired before you actually list the house? What about touch up paint?

    4. Porch & Front Door - this is the “statement” piece of the exterior. Does the front door need a new color or fresh paint? Can you hang a wreath or at some plants by the front door to spice it up? Do it! This matters because everyone’s eye will be looking at the front door and porch while they are waiting to enter the house!

  5. Do the Extras! What I mean by this is first, hire an incredible Realtor® that is going to do everything they can to sell your house and put it in front of the most people! You want to see your agent working hard for you. Tell your friends, family, and anyone you know that your home is for sale! You never know who they know that might want to buy the house. When you stage your home for buyers, make sure it smells good, leave water bottles, or light refreshments for them, give them information like the cost of your utility bill on average or additional information that could be helpful for them. 

The experience people have while looking at your home for 15-30 minutes will make all the difference! You have a short window to leave the best impression and truth be told, the more emotionally people become attached to your house, the better! 


The goal is that the buyer can visualize themselves and their life being built in that very home and that’s what allows buyers to drive up the price point.

If you are thinking about selling your house and want a free market evaluation, I’d be honored to send one your way! Just text me at 719-985-1593 and let me know your address and that you’d like to receive one.

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How to get TOP dollar when you sell your house!

In this current real estate market, we are calling it a seller’s market because there is a huge demand to buy homes and not enough inventory. Truth be told, you can list your house and most

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