Callie Ammons

Associate Broker/Realtor®


About Callie Ammons

Hi, my name is Callie Ammons and I’m a Realtor in the stunning state of Colorado, specifically serving the Colorado Springs area. Growing up in a family with Realtor grandparents, a father who’s a real estate appraiser, and multiple family members that have investment properties, hearing conversations about real estate from a young age was a norm to my everyday life.

My biggest passion is loving people and connecting with their individual stories. Every single person is experiencing their own ups and downs in life and trying to achieve their unique goals. My desire is to learn those stories and to walk alongside my clients and help them achieve their goals.

By nature, I’m extremely competitive. I’ve been an athlete since a young girl and playing college volleyball I learned the key lesson of being persistent and the power of a made up mind. I take this same approach when it comes to real estate. In order to help you find the right home or to sell the house you want to hurry and get out of, it’s important to show up every day with an attitude of persistence and a made up mind toward success.

I’m blessed to be a part of a team at Exit Realty that allows me to focus first on my clients and to have the support I need when it comes to anything. We are surrounded by a team that never settles for anything less than excellence. My husband and son are the most important people in my life and I’m grateful to be with a company that supports my family values. I love spending time with my guys by hiking, working out, or simply just talking for hours with my husband about our personal dreams and ambitions.

One of my favorite quotes is by a rapper named NF and he says “if you want something in life, then why don’t you go and get it.” This is the very attitude I live with and bring to real estate. Taking ownership of my own destiny and helping you achieve the destiny you want is what gets me up every single day. I love it, I love real estate, and I love helping people just like you.

It’s incredible that we have the opportunity to own pieces of property and build incredible wealth through the avenue of real estate. Owning homes myself has changed my financial future and I can’t wait to help you change your future whether this is your first home or your 20th home, let’s get after your dreams together!

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